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Todd Munson - Twinkies
Repping the Huskers while handing out Twinkies at the LA Marathon.

Todd founded Big Red Fury both as a fun project and as a means of establishing an illusion of productivity in the eyes of his loving wife by turning his habit of obsessing over the Huskers into “important research.” A native of Grand Island (which will always be Nebraska’s third city; suck it, Bellevue) Todd majored in broadcasting at Husker U. where he was a Sports Director at KRNU and wrote for the Daily Nebraskan. And, as some of his friends will always point out, he nearly succeeded in getting the Ultimate Frisbee team (of which he was a member) disbanded as an officially sanctioned club team. (It is a long story which can still be found somewhere on the internet.) During his half decade as a student, the Huskers racked up three National Championships while losing only one game at home. Friggin’ Texas.

After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and Forrest Gump’ed his way into a career as a writer-stand up comic-entertainment reporter-social media savant. 16 years later, he’s still known as “that dude from Nebraska” among his native LA friends.

Scouting Report: I’ve been a die-hard Husker fan longer than I can remember and hate having to write my own bio. I often talk to myself while writing which can lead to some rather odd looks. If you ever see someone muttering to himself while watching Husker YouTube clips at LACMA’s C+M Cafe, stop by and say hello. There’s a 99.9% chance that person is me. Kubrickian Glee and I share a birthday which is how this very true and very bizarre story came to be.


The Kubs is a proud 1999 graduate of Dear Old Nebraska U, just a short seven years after moving on from Grand Island Senior High in 1992.

A philosophy major (and film studies minor), Kubrickian spent his collegiate autumns watching three different National Champion Cornhusker teams wreak havoc upon the college football landscape. All from the south end zone bleachers where the distance and weird angle shaped his perspective on the sport even today.

Nowadays, Kubrickian regales younger Husker fans with his stories of having “been there” during the greatest dynasty in program history. At least he was for the home games. Except for one night game when it got too cold and he left at halftime. He’s not sure, but he thinks it might have been against Kansas.

Kubrickian also once stood in the Student Union Bookstore next to Lawrence Phillips, ordered a burger while in line just ahead of Johnny Rodgers and had Carol Frost (Scott’s Mom) for a high school algebra teacher — TWICE!

He obviously knows a lot about the collegiate gridiron, and you will do well to let his weekly musings here at Big Red Fury inform your own opinions of the game. THROWIN’ BONES SINCE THE DAWN OF MAN. Go Big Red.

Scouting Report: Despite his preference for anonymity on Big Red Fury, Kubrickian does not embrace the “I’m-from-parts-unknown-just-like George ‘The Animal’ Steele-mantra” in real life, unless the suburbs of Omaha really are parts unknown. As a philosophy degree having football fan, Kubrickian is not afraid to drop an abstract, cerebral take on the Huskers.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.31.11 PMThis fish is a crappie. Not a bass.

It took Leslie a month to write an “About Me” section and all she sent was “I don’t like to talk about myself, I like to talk about Husker football.”

SCOUTING REPORT:  Along with being such a Hastings native that she carries Kool-Aid in her purse so that she can mix her own drinks in bars, Leslie is a go-for-the-jugular smart ass and probably knows more about Husker football (and sports) than you do. You can learn all about our newest contributor here.

HAYLEY ARCHER — Our Charter Student Contributor 

Hayley Archer
Sports enthusiast. Ukulele player. Self-proclaimed pun master.

A Minneapolis native, Hayley graduated with a broadcasting degree in the spring of 2016. She boasted a perfect home-attendance record for football in her college career, as well as attending nearly every other Husker sporting event. In addition to contributing her View from The Boneyard recaps, Hayley spent her senior working for the Big Ten Network.

Following graduation, Archer hopes to combine her love for sports, comedy, and social media… somehow. She’s still trying to figure all of that out.



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