BIG RED FURY kicked off its unique brand of Husker coverage at the start of the 2014 season.

Initially, this site was created as a social experiment to showcase the “sometimes” irrational absurdity and boiling rage of Husker fans who developed a habit of being rather active with expressing their strong opinions via social media.

While that angle will always remain an entertaining concept, our own obsessive nature about the Huskers soon took hold and this site quickly evolved into providing hot takes and commentary from angles not typically associated with the life-or-death seriousness of Husker football.

Long story short, we’re a small group of smart asses and wisenheimers who love the Huskers and that attitude spills over into the way we cover our favorite team.

If the fate of your very existence depends on how well a bunch of college kids play a game, you might as well have a few laughs along way.


COVERAGE: While we are die-hard fans, we also understand the benefit of stepping away from the Big Red Kool-Aid from time-to-time. During the season, you can expect (mostly) daily updates but things can and do get a little sporadic during the off-season, especially during the dog days of summer when football season seems so far, far away.

LINKS: Those occasional words you see in Husker Scarlet? They’re little Easter Eggs that will take you to all sorts of random and fun places. Click all of them in a single story and you just might find yourself wasting an entire afternoon at work. You’re welcome.

ADVERTISING: There are ads on this site but it is not our goal to become the next Bleacher Report. 40% of ad revenue goes towards keeping the lights on in this little corner of the internet. 40% goes to to the squad. The remaining 20% goes to Tom Osborne’s TeamMates Mentoring Program.

CONTACT US: Got a story you’d like to share with Husker Nation? Got an angry email you’d love to send?

Drop us a line- bigredfury603(at)gmail(dot)com





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