Did Larry the Cable Guy Predict Keyshawn Johnson Jr. Committing to the Huskers?

After months of suspense, Keyshawn Johnson Jr. announced his commitment to play football at the University of Nebraska.

Considering his half-dozen visits to Lincoln, his decision shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise but seconds after Keyshawn’s video hit the Twitter, you could hear the fragile psyche of Husker Nation writhing in agony as USC, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State logos made cameos. In the end, the Huskers were the last logo standing and the Big Red faithful breathed a sigh of relief.

Me? I was far from worried because Larry the Cable Guy was there to give me a virtual shoulder rub and whisper reassuring words in my ear.

Allow me to explain.

Like any semi-worthwhile blogger, I was up (a full hour before my usual waking time, BTW) ready and waiting for the big announcement. As the seconds ticked towards zero hour, my big dilemma was selecting the perfect reaction to whatever Keyshawn decided.

The finalists on the he-chose-wisely-and-picked-Nebraska side were Rodney Dangerfield’s Al Czervik announcing We’re all gonna get laid. Or Sean Penn’s Jeff Spicoli saying Hey bud, let’s party, because nothing screams relevance like 35-year-old movie quotes.

In the end, Spicoli was the winner and a sign from the football gods that Keyshawn would be choosing wisely was sent in the form of good ol’ Larry.

Playing ahead of the Spicoli clip on YouTube was an ad for Prilosec OTC that featured Larry up to his usual shenanigans in promoting heartburn relief. If arguably the most well-known Husker fan (sorry, Gabrielle) isn’t a harbinger of Husker good fortune than I don’t know what is.

Larry the Cable Guy Keyshawn
Actual screengrab from the clip used to announce Keyshawn’s decision to play at Nebraska.

Welcome to Husker Nation, Keyshawn. We’ll see you next year.

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