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Courtney Love Leaves Hole in the Nebraska Sideline

Nebraska redshirt freshman linebacker Courtney Love is transferring to Kentucky along with tight end Greg Hart.

We here at Big Red Fury are deeply saddened to see this duo of romantically-named braun leave the program. All the best to Hart. But, oh, what might have been had Courtney stayed…

Courtney Love leaves Nebraska after one, quiet, unassuming season.
Courtney Love leaves Nebraska after one, quiet, unassuming season.

Born in San Francisco in 1964, Love was a mainstay of the Portland music scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s before rocketing to international fame by carpetbagging Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and goading him into fathering a love child whom they named after a psychiatric patient (Frances Farmer) and a bean.

After the death of her husband, Love tossed her music career aside to take up acting and heroin, starring opposite Woody Harrelson in The People Vs. Larry Flint and then, later, a recurring role as “Ms. Harrison” on Sons of Anarchy.

So it was a big surprise to us when Love accepted a scholarship (at the age of 48) to play linebacker for the Huskers. A three-star prospect, Love played her high school ball at Cardinal Mahoney in Youngstown, Ohio. The very same high school that produced the Pelini pipeline. How and why a middle-aged grunge-era rocker would take up high school football is beyond us but, apparently, it worked out for her as she drew offers from 13 schools including Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan State and, of course, Nebraska.

Recruited by Ross Els and John Papuchis, Love clearly saw the writing on the wall that these two are about to get shit canned by the new regime. So she will be taking her considerable talents (singing, acting and linebacking) to Lexington, Kentucky.

The departure of Love and Hart drives a sad wedge into the all-Romance recruiting class of 2012 that also included Vincent Valentine and Michael and Jonathan Rose.


Game Day Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers at Northwestern Wildcats

When the Wildcats left Lincoln with a win after their first match up with Nebraska as Big Ten rivals, the table was set for Northwestern to become the thorn in the Huskers’ side- like some unholy combination of the worst attributes of Kansas State and Colorado.

Confidence: One T-Magic led comeback and ridiculous Hail Mary you’ve watched a thousand times later, the Huskers now lead the series 2 – 1. With Nebraska quickly running out of ways to cruelly disembowel the Wildcats, look for the Huskers to return to good old fashioned ass whuppin’.

Scouting Report: Bucking convention, but not surprising for the Harvard of the Midwest, the Wildcats feature a spunky, first year head coach in Molly McGrath from the hailed McGrath coaching family.

Coach McGrath
If you think Bo Pelini has a fiery sideline demeanor, you haven’t seen Molly McGrath in action.

Coach McGrath didn’t start with much in the cupboard but after winning the respect of her players, the Wildcats rebounded from a frustrating 0 – 2 start to go 3 – 1 in their last four games. For the math adverse among us, that means the Wildcats are now 3 – 3 with their most impressive win being against #17 (at the time) Wisconsin.

The Maverick and Goose of the Wildcats is a thunder and lightning duo known only as Krushinski and Trumaine.

Krushinski Trumaine
As impressive as they are on the field, Krushinski and Trumaine’s true calling may be on the basketball court.

Ideal Scenario: With Husker Nation expected to turn whatever Northwestern calls their stadium into the Chicago adjacent branch of Memorial Stadium, the crowd shouldn’t be a factor. If defenses can’t stop Ameer Abdullah, don’t except Northwestern’s natural grass surface to put up much of a fight. Here’s hoping Tim Beck used the bye week to brush up on his roster and remember he has Imani Cross. It’s been far too long since Cross was a factor. And with that in mind, Tommy Armstrong used his week off to work on finding all the receivers on the field and shows improvement with his reads.

On the defensive side, look for Randy Gregory add to his legacy with a soul crushing sack or three as the Blackshirts (Wait, is the defense still called that?) keep the Wildcats in check.


Over/Under on Angry Bo Close Ups: 2 – With the game on the Big Ten Network, don’t look for the broadcast to go out of its way to try and make Bo look bad.

A Question That Needs an Answer: Will @FauxPelini get outed by a nosy fan looking over his shoulder?