Recap: Randy Gregory Hits too Hard in Huskers’ Rout of Illini

Chief Illiniwek came to Lincoln and got wrecked for the second year in a row.

And by wrecked we mean that in a the-poor-Illini-had-to-square-off-against-Randy-Gregory kind of way, not a the Illini-team-bus-made-a-detour-at-the-Indian-Center-and-got-wrecked-at-a-tailgate kind of way, because alcohol is now banned there and we like to think of ourselves above making horribly dated and stereotypical jokes that would even make Redskins fans cringe.

Besides, the Illini needed all their available motor skills in order to create enough footage for this amazing highlight reel.

Is it just us or does Illinois’ announcer sound exactly like Greg Sharpe?

Saturday’s game against the Illini proved to be a good problem for the Huskers. While the Big Red won handily, the score could have been and should have been much worse than the 45 – 14 final. Were it not for some miscues and oddly stalled out drives, the Huskers would have hung 59 points at a minimum.

For 60 minutes, Memorial Stadium took a time warp back to the 90’s glory days with Ameer Abdullah doing his best Ahman Green to the tune of 208 yards on the ground and Randy Gregory dolling out an absolute monster of a hit that was classic Blackshirt thunder.

Congrats, Randy. You finally upped Kenny Bell’s block against Wisconsin though that is up for debate.

For as impressive as Gregory’s laying the woodwork was, let the record show that one Ed Thompson did not approve of his soul rattling shenanigans.

From the Husker Extra Facebook Page

Randy Gregory Hit
Ed Thompson

Ed, we don’t even know where to begin in dissecting your comment and it seems neither do you.

From a possibly cold blooded and surgical trolling of the Big Red faithful to trying to walk back your initial bit of baseless insight moments later with an “I don’t even care about either team,” we can’t tell if we just witnessed the work of a master troll or someone who does a bang up job of being the “easily confused and flustered guy on the internet.”

Either way, your lack of punctuation and uncanny ability to bring a conversation with total internet strangers all the way back the the third grade has us drawn into your intriguing web of mystery and enigma.

Well played, Ed. Well played.





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